2 years ago
I went with a large group of people. We had reservation and when we arrived we were seated upstairs right away. The server was attentive throughout our time there and changed our plates many times. The seafood tasted really good and fresh! They don't deep fried the fish which I preferred as this way would truly reveal whether the fish is fresh or not. All dishes are very well presented! I also like their fresh fruit tea. Overall very good experience and will definitely come back again!
- Olivia Z
3 years ago
Great food great price. The waitress very friendly and willing to talk to us about anything on the menu. Fancy takeout box!! Definitely recommend 👍
2 years ago
Great eating experience! The grilled fish are so tasty! I went there with my girlfriend. We ordered a house special flavour fish. My gf likes spicy food, however, I don’t like, but that taste satisfied both of us. Amazing! We also ordered a fried rice which is the best fried rice I have ate in Vancouver, worth to try!
- Alimama M


"Chuang Tzu - Autumn Water" "You are not fish, how do you know the happiness of fish". 
      「庄子•秋水」云“子非魚,安知魚之乐”。是也,子非魚,魚非子,且此魚亦非彼魚,鱼非鱼也矣。鱼非鱼——沪上烤鱼、石锅海鲜,将其独创脆皮爆汁烤鱼、石锅烤海鲜、吊缸烤串完美结合,全力打造中国新生代海洋风格烤鱼主题餐厅。 截至2017年11月,鱼非鱼于上海、深圳、苏州、无锡等地拥有数家连锁餐厅,接待今日资本总裁徐新、影星叶璇、日本中华料理铁人陈建一、美食作家沈宏非、等公众人物及餐饮界著名人士超过300位,成为国内首屈一指的人气时尚烤鱼品牌。产品结构及 招牌产品产品结构:脆皮爆汁烤鱼 石锅烤海鲜 吊缸烤串=鱼非鱼产品金三角脆皮爆汁烤鱼:中国首创脆皮爆汁烤鱼,第一家使用德国万能蒸烤箱烤鱼,烤制全程标准化。石锅烤海鲜:将新鲜的海鲜按顺序依次放入炙热的石锅中,凭借贝类海鲜加热后产生的汤汁将其他海鲜“烤”熟,不但能完美表现出海鲜的原汁原味与自然鲜甜,更将食材丰富营养悉数保留。吊缸烤串:以陶缸吊烤法,将肉类食材的甘香肉汁巧妙封锁于嫩滑口感间,呈现自然的串烧味道。同时以明档的方式进行展示,让顾客感官体验更加富有趣味。招牌产品泰式红咖喱烤鱼冠军和风烤鱿鱼石锅海鲜。
            Yu Fei Yu Products- Seafood and Shanghai Stone Pot, with its unique crispy juice burst fish, Stone Pot Baked Seafood, Hanging Cylinder Perfect Skewers. Yu Fei Yu was founded in 2014. As of November 2017, Yu Fei Yu has locations in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi and other large cities. We have hosted numerous celebrities in our various chain restaurants, including Capital Today President Xu Xin, actor Michelle Ye, Japanese Iron Chef Chen Jianyi, delicacy writer Shen Hongfei as well as various other public figures and famous people from the catering sector totaling more than 300. We are the leading brands in our category.  

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